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Get the Brightest Smile With the Help of Modern Ultrasonic Technology…

Laura Lee
Health Consultant

|Friday, June 7th, 2019

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Many patients don’t realize just how important it is to use the right toothbrush. They typically rely on the sample they get after their 6-month dental visit or pick up a cheap option at their local grocery store.

While using a manual brush is, of course, better than nothing, most oral health care professionals suggest their patients to make the switch to an electric one. These brushes ensure patients get their mouths as clean as possible—reducing their cavity risk and the likelihood they’ll develop gingivitis.

The Ultimate Electric Toothbrush For Convenient Brushing

Dental health experts say that improper brushing can leave behind food and bacteria, which can fester, causing bad breath and yellow teeth; eventually leading to gum rot, tooth decay, and a smile you’d rather keep to yourself. Or not even to yourself…

SonicX Pro is an electric toothbrush 100 times more powerful than the traditional brushes. It makes the brushing experience far more interesting, as day by day, you begin to enjoy this change in your usual routine and your oral hygiene. Compared to other electric brushes on the market, only SonicX Pro offers four brushing modes for separate parts of the mouth. 

You usually think you’re getting your mouth and teeth clean with your old toothbrush – but not even close! Just think about the strokes you make… SonicX Pro technology is 100x more powerful than manual brushing and provides you with 45,000 brush strokes per minute, which makes meeting your clean teeth goals a lot easier!

The Simplest Solution to All Dental Problems

If you think using an electric toothbrush is a task, you’re wrong! Once you start using this brush, you won’t want to go back to manual brushing.

See How It Works: 

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Perfect for all kinds of teeth

When you use a manual toothbrush, there is not much space to be creative – you basically use the same technique over and over again. And the worst thing about this is the possibility that it’s not even working! SonicX Pro meets multiple needs with 4 integrated brushing modes. 

So if you suffer from teeth sensitivity, you can still get the same effective cleaning without it feeling so harsh! SonicX Pro brings you a lot closer to a beautiful, and most importantly, healthy smile!

Use it anywhere, anytime

You might be thinking – everything sounds great, but what about the battery? What if I go on vacation and it suddenly dies? Is it even convenient to take an electric toothbrush on vacation? Well, forget all that and worry no more! SonicX Pro is very light and has a built-in, rechargeable, extra-long life battery that lasts up to 2 weeks.

It also has a charging indicator so you will never be unpleasantly surprised with a drained battery. But the best part is that this toothbrush comes with an intelligent wireless charging base, so it’s completely durable to be used anywhere, even while you shower, because it’s waterproof!

Replaceable heads

We all know that, for the most efficient results, it’s recommended to change your regular toothbrush every 3 months, since the bristles become bent, discolored or begin falling out. Well, I’m not able to change an electronic toothbrush every 3 months, you might say… And you don’t have to! All you need to do is replace the head of your SonicX Pro and you’re good to go! You can even choose between two colors – pink and white – and keep using the same toothbrush you started with.

The next time you brush your teeth with a standard toothbrush, ask yourself, “Why am I using the same thing they used in 3000 BC?” It’s clearly time to move on! For a cleaner mouth, a brighter smile, and a shorter dental invoice… 

Don’t Worry About Your Smile Ever Again with SonicX Pro

Good oral hygiene is a must, and the old fashioned way of brushing your teeth isn’t effective. Taking care of your teeth has more benefits than being visually pleasing. Your health begins in your mouth. You may not realize that. Your digestive system is the most important factor of your health. It begins in your mouth and that’s why you should take oral hygiene seriously.

Step into the new world by taking advantage of SonicX Pro‘s outstanding features: 

  • Ultrasonic Technology, 100X more powerful than manual brushing

  • Rechargeable with extra long battery life of 15 days

  • 4 Intelligent Brushing Modes

  • Long Lasting Replaceable Heads

  • Lightweight, Waterproof and Ultra Durable

  • Brushing Timer: 2-minute smart-timer, and 30-second intervals to switch areas of your mouth

Your teeth will be whiter within a day. Your breath will be fresher. You’ll even notice an improvement in your health and less visits to the dentist. It’s about far more than brushing your teeth. 

Order the SonicX Pro from the official website.

It’s That Simple!

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